Capturing Your Adventure Elopement on the Yellowstone River in Montana

Celebrate your love with a Yellowstone River adventure elopement in Montana, surrounded by mountains. Picture this: the rush of the Yellowstone River, the vast expanse of Montana’s wilderness, and the two of you exchanging your vows. Welcome to the experience of an elopement on the Yellowstone River, where every moment is crafted to be as unforgettable as your love story.

yellowstone River adventure elopement

As an elopement photographer with a passion for rafting and kayaking I love our time spent on the Yellowstone and other rivers of Montana. I began rafting more than 10 years and love taking out our sit-on-top kayaks on the slower rivers in the area like the Madison and Jefferson Rivers. Our knowledge of these locations makes for an awesome experience!

World Famous Fly Fishing in Montana

The Yellowstone River offers unparalleled beauty, with its winding waters providing the perfect backdrop for an adventure-filled elopement. The section of the Yellowstone River that runs between Gardiner and Livingston Montana provides some of the best fly fishing in the west. This area is called Paradise valley and for good reason! With gorgeous mountains on each side of the river – the Gallatin Mountain Range to the west and Absaroka Mountain to the east Range with some of the peaks reaching as high as 11,000 ft.

yellowstone River adventure elopement in Montana with bride fly fishing

One of the best parts of an adventure elopement on the Yellowstone River is the opportunity to spend the day in nature together. Imagine drifting along the river, watching the beautiful scenery and wildlife. We almost always see eagles and other birds and even have seen a moose! With my extensive knowledge of the area, I can guide you to hidden gems and picturesque locations along the river.

Yellowstone River Adventure Elopement – What seasons work best?

Fall is the perfect time for a river elopement but we can do any other season. Fall works great because the water is lower and there more river banks to choose from. All river banks are pubic property so that is awesome for options. Rivers are lower in early spring also before melting snow creates run off but temps are much cooler – especially the water!

Spring has higher river flows which can create other challenges. The water is often full of runoff – so think kinda muddy and just very fast flows. We know of some other awesome rivers in the area that might be a great option for you for spring!

fly fishing reel and wedding ring
yellowstone River adventure elopement

Want to include fly fishing in your day? Whether you are new to fly fishing or have some experience we can arrange for a fishing guide also if you plan to include fishing. Please note a valid fishing license is required and separate fees for rafting or a drift boat guide. We know the best locals to supply you or take you out for the day!

yellowstone river elopement in Montana
bride in drift boat on the river

But the adventure doesn’t end there. As a full-service elopement photographer, I am committed to providing you with a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. From the perfect ceremony spot on a gorgeous river bank to arranging a romantic picnic for two, I can take care of every detail so that you can focus on enjoying the moment.

yellowstone river elopement in Montana
bride and groom yellowstone river elopement
wedding vows on yellowstone river

Need accommodations for your elopement getaway? From a cozy cabin nestled in the woods to a rustic lodge with mountain views, I can help you find the perfect place to unwind after your riverside ceremony.

A few of our favorite places to stay for your Yellowstone River adventure elopement:

Yellowstone Valley Lodge

Under Canvas – Yellowstone / Paradise Valley

The Yellowstone House

Sage Lodge – they have river access too!

Yellowstone montana rafting
bride and grooms boots
wedding couple on the banks of the Yellowstone River
yellowstone river adventure elopement in Montana
yellowstone whiskey
yellowstone River adventure elopement in Montana

We offer full service for your elopement

It’s the little details that make your elopement so special. From arranging beautiful flowers to crafting a picnic spread, I will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create memories that will last a lifetime. We have many options to for full service elopements to include everything you might need for your day.

Afterward we can capture the magic of your love against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset. Whether you choose to end your adventure on the river or venture to a nearby mountain vista, I will be there to document every fleeting moment.

triple creek ranch elopement
bride in canoe
cabin elopement in Montana

Does this align with your dreams for a non-traditional wedding day with the adventure and views you love? Let’s create a day that is as unique and extraordinary as your love story. Get in touch today, and let’s begin planning the adventure of a lifetime.

Ready to make your dream adventure elopement a reality? Contact me now to start planning your unforgettable day!

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