FAQ Elopement

Custom coverage

Part of what sets us apart is our years of experience and how we advise couples. I love to chat with you about your plans and help offer advice on what coverage you may need. I offer half day, full day and 2 day elopements! Half day is usually planned around sunrise or sunset. This is a frequently asked question about how we plan your day.

Full day is often planned around getting ready, having your ceremony in a gorgeous location, a break and then we meet up later for sunset photos in a beautiful spot. Two day events are usually sunset, sunrise, sunset or sunrise, sunset and sunrise on the second day. 

How to pick your location

Your location is often driven but the type of scenery or area you want to visit. Mountains, waterfalls, the beach or even just a place you have always dreamed of visiting. How do you envision your wedding day? After we narrow it down to a season, general location or type of adventure you want to go on then I research your options. I send a custom recommendation for several options for your elopement. 

Expert on your location

Even if I have never been to your location I spend hours researching the best locations, time of day, required permits and marriage requirements. This is all presented to you to help your plans go smoothly and have the best time ever! We create a rough draft for your plans so that all the travel plans and accommodations can be booked. Then, we finalize our timeline about 1 month before your elopement. This timeline is just a guide and we will roll with however the day unfolds, that is part of the fun! A few weeks before your elopement we come up with a plan b or c just in case of crazy weather etc. or we can dance in the rain, love the snow and just enjoy your adventure! 

Exclusive elopement guide

We have put together a 20 page elopement guide that goes into the whole process or how we help you plan your dream elopement including:

Our process

A sample timeline

How to include family

A checklist for you

Ideas for adventure

Leave no trace principles

FAQ that covers so many questions!

Leave no trace

Traveling to beautiful destinations is a privilege and we aim to respect the land and leave it unchanged. We plan and shoot our sessions with these practices in mind.  More info about this can be found in our 20 page elopement guide sent to just our couples!

Destination photographer

I LOVE to travel and I am happy to go anywhere in Montana and beyond to photograph your elopement. I have photographed weddings + elopements all over Montana, the west coast, pacific northwest, the southwest and always planning my next trip.

LOVE list destinations

Some places we are hopping ready to go:


San Fransisco

Utah – red rocks love!


Joshua Tree

Palm Springs

Just give me all tropical islands…



Custom designed albums that are made in the USA. Handcrafted and designed to tell your story. I encourage my couple to think about how they will enjoy their elopement for many years to come. Wall art and heirloom albums are our favorites.

Premium Wedding Albums

Engagement session

Just because you are choosing your own traditions doesn’t mean you have to skip engagement photos!

Your engagement session can be anytime of year you would like even the day before your elopement if we are traveling to a destination. For full day elopements or 2 day we can even do engagement photos at sunrise with elopement photos later for sunset!

Engagement session advice

Couples often bring several changes of outfits or jackets etc to change up their look. Make sure you are comfortable especially for the season. Bring along anything you like; favorite hats and anything that is part of who you are as a couple. 

Be sure to eat beforehand! Seriously, though. Be sure all clothing is free of wrinkles and looking it’s best!

Much love

"Our photos are absolutely stunning



Merissa is not only incredibly talented but she is a wonderful person as well.

She will put you at ease and walk you through what to expect leading up to and the day of! She gave us great direction, kept things rolling, made sure to listen to our concerns, and even scouted out some amazing photo op locations ahead of time. Our photos are absolutely stunning. She’s one of the best and I can’t recommend her enough."


- Christie

Montana wedding with couple on dirt road