How to Elope in Montana

Before we can really get started with how to elope in Montana let’s chat about why. Montana has become a top destination for weddings and elopements for couples looking for adventure out west!

Why elope in Montana

It is still wild out west! Gorgeous mountains ranges, famous fly fishing rivers, epic skiing are just few reasons. The secret is out that Montana is the last best place. Not only is it gorgeous here but it is easy to get married here. With no waiting period and flexibility about who marries you, we can keep it simple.

Montana is western but refined. You’ll find luxury mountain resorts, awesome camping for do-it-yourself adventures and everything in between. There are great little towns to explore, ski resorts and a couple amazing national parks. Have you heard of Yellowstone Park + Glacier?! Yellowstone streaches between Montana and Wyoming and is a unique and beautiful experience. Thermal activity with amazing scenery and wildlife like bison and wolves make this park a top destination. Glacier National Park in the north is called the Crown Jewel of the Continent for good reason. Gorgeous, clear mountain lakes and some of the most picturesque hikes and drives like the “Going to the Sun Road” make this one not to be missed.

Elopements are all about intentional, intimate adventures and activities is something to consider for sure. Montana is recreational heaven, but we will talk more about that!

People travel to Montana for the scenery and open spaces, skiing, activities but fall in love with Montanans. We are real friendly ya’ll! Being born and raised in Montana I can can attest. We are a little too talkative, helpful and can’t help ourselves giving advice on where to go and what restaurant to eat at.

Epic locations abound

64 mountain ranges

147,040 square miles

11 national forests

2 national parks

World famous fly fishing rivers

A whole lot of public lands to explore

Welcome to Big Sky country with views for days. This is it, really people come here for the adventure and views. They end up falling in love with the open spaces, friendly Montanans (to a fault, seriously) and quieter pace. The fourth largest state but with just under 1 million people means most of the state is not very crowded with the exception of the major cities. It is said that elk, deer and antelope populations outnumber the humans.

Some popular elopement locations:

Glacier National Park

Big Sky


Yellowstone National Park

Paradise Valley


Red Lodge

And there are so many other places to explore especially for those who look farther than the tourist destinations!

All about your adventure vibe

Intimate and intentional is what eloping is all about! Your elopement can be filled with all the things that excite you and have meaning for you both. Feeling adventurous? This state is for you! We don’t need to climb a mountain peak to have beautiful scenery! Sometimes just visiting Montana and exploring is adventure enough.

How you will spend the day of your elopement really depends on your vibe and how you want to spend your time. From waking up to falling asleep under the stars, whatever you dream up can be part of your elopement.

 Elopement activities

fly fishing

river rafting/ boating


horse ride/ sleigh rides


hot springs



explore glaciers

explore a volcano (I mean SUPER volcanos!)

how to elope in Montana
Yellowstone River Elopement

What season to elope in Montana?

We have all 4 seasons here in Montana and your elopement could be any time of the year. Summer is our busiest season here for tourism and the national parks. With winter ski season being a close second. Spring is a personal favorite of mine as the days get long, everything is getting green and we still have snow capped mountains. The weather anytime of the year in Montana is a little unpredictable but spring is the most sporadic for sure. Sunny, rainy, snowy, (amazing)…ALL in the same day. Bring some layers!

Fall has beautiful colors with warm temps in the day and cooler at night. We often get our first snow fall sometime in October.

Your favorite activities and adventure will dictate your season. Winter lovers, you know who you are!

Getting married in Montana is easy!

It’s pretty easy to get married in Montana! With a simple marriage license process and no waiting period you can get married that day or apply for a license online in advance. Pretty much anyone can marry you and no additional witnesses are needed. There are 2 lines on the license available if you would like a witness, it just isn’t required. A professional officiant will help you with all the details, know where to sign on the line etc or a friend or family member can also act as officiant and we are here to help!

It currently costs $53 for your license and is valid for 180 days. Licenses are available for in state, out of state and even international couples but additional paperwork may be required. Here is a link to the official site for more info about your Montana marriage license

Get an awesome local team

Once you have your location and vibe worked out a bit you will need a team of local pros!

Montana is a destination for wedding and elopements and you will find some events pros here ready to help. The most common vendors for your elopement are; photographer, officiant, hair + make up artist, perhaps a videographer, florals and maybe even a private chef for dinner or picnic lunch or dessert. This will all depend on what you choose to include for your day.

Montana Bride has some great vendors to choose from and your professional team will have recommendations for you also!

how to elope in montana
Big Sky, MT

Let’s get started planning your Montana Elopement 

These tips for how to elope in Montana are really just the beginning! There is so much more that goes into your plan, deciding on the best place, what time of year and even what time of day. I am here to help! We help our couples with a customized location list, timeline, local vendor recommendations and of course awesome photography.

Curious to learn more about how we can help you with your dream elopement?

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