What season to elope in Montana

What season to elope in Montana is best for you

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Summer Elopements in Montana

Summer in Montana is spectacular. The secret is out. Our summers are beautiful, cool in the mountains and so much to do. That being said, it’s a very busy time to visit! So is this the best season to elope in Montana for you? Let’s find out. I am your local guide to awesome places. Both Glacier + Yellowstone National Park are main attractions but there are so many other gorgeous locations without the crowds.  Those National Parks require permits and some planning ahead of time. If you are open to other locations (not so insta famous places) there is so much to explore in our state and even nearby like Wyoming.

Awesome activities you could include in your trip/elopement:


Hot springs

Horse riding

Boating – rafting/ kayaks

Fly fishing


summer elopement in Montana

Fall Elopements in Montana

Autumn in Montana is generally mild, warm during the day and cool at night. This is an extremely popular time for photographers so plan ahead if you have you hearts set on fall. It’s also a challenge to really find a peak time for colors. There are pretty colors starting in mid September at higher elevations in places like Big Sky and the mountains around Bozeman. The colors slowly creep to lower elevations as the next month or two pass. It only takes one brutal storm to take off a lot of leaves so just expect some fall colors even if it is no the peak time. By October we might already get a random snow. It’s a simply beautiful time of the year, just come prepared for a variety of weather. Many summer activities are still in full swing until winter settles in. Montana bride and groom in the fall BIG SKY ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY Elope at Lone Mountain Ranch, Big Sky MT

Winter Elopements in Montana

Montana in the winter is no joke! Winter is like 6 months of the year here and it can get wicked cold + a lot snow. The Bozeman and Big Sky areas are plenty busy with ski season from Thanksgiving to around April. If you love to shred this is awesome time to travel here and incorporate snow sports with your elopement. Many of the mountain side rentals in Big Sky serve as awesome locations to have your elopement. Either as a backup in case of frigid temps or a great place to get ready and celebrate. Shred in your dress! We can join you mid mountain at several locations if you want to ski with your formal wear. If the ski resorts are open hotels in Bozeman, Big Sky and Whitefish will be higher. Prices won’t be as high through out the rest of the state in the winter months. Deals can be found right before and after the ski hills close in those towns and season slows down. Montana bride in the snow

Spring Elopements in Montana

When is spring in Montana? Who knows! You will have green grass and gorgeous snow capped mountains until June. It is perhaps the most unpredictable weather of the whole year. Rainy, sunny and beautiful. Weather changing throughout the day. This is the time of year that I feel I might change clothes or least my jacket several times a day. What is “Sprinter” or fools spring? Fools spring is when it gets nice and warm out and everyone thinks its spring time but then it snows. “Sprinter” is spring-winter and by that we just mean that at 5500 ft in the Rockies is is still kind of winter. While unpredictable it’s still great time to to elope. Some flexibility and just rolling with it can make for a unique day. Plan to bring a good variety of clothing from boots to light jackets.

So, what is the best season to elope in Montana?

They all are pretty rad depending on what you want to do while in Montana and what makes it unique for you. There are definitely busier seasons to consider. The lowest prices for hotel/ travel will be the shoulder seasons between summer and busy ski season.

Which is my favorite?

I am obsessed with springtime as the days grow longer and and all the plants are growing. It has some unpredictable weather but I find that beautiful too. couple walking by waterfall wedding in spring season

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