First look on your wedding day

There are some pretty awesome reasons to consider doing a first look or a reveal on your wedding day. We’re not saying that you have to at all. If you feel strongly about NOT seeing each other then skip this article. It’s not for you! And that is ok. It is your day and not for us to tell you how to celebrate.

If you considering it and want to know what the advantages are we are here for it.

Wedding day first look in Big Sky MT
Wedding day first look

Should you do a first look on your wedding day?

Now, let’s talk about this “first look” thing. Picture this: you and your boo, stealing a sweet moment away from the everyone to see each other before your ceremony. There are several ways to do this, but most of the time, we find a special place and have one partner wait and bring the other to them and do the big reveal together.

Some couples also choose to read their vows to each other during this private moment. Something to consider for sure – it’s pretty sweet.

Eloping couples also choose sometimes to do a first look! It will of course depend on where you get ready etc but we do this all the time for weddings and elopements!

wedding day reveal

Here’s why a first look is worth considering:

Private Moment: Weddings go by SO fast, I feel like it’s the one time you can slow down and be alone together. Your first look offers a calm, intimate moment for you and your partner amidst the hustle and bustle. It’s a chance to connect before the celebration begins.

Real + Candid: Seeing each other for the first time in private allows you to express your genuine emotions without feeling self-conscious. Happy tears, ALL THE FEELS, it’s a real moment shared between just the two of you. Candid is the word!

wedding couple

It’s all fresh: Your hair + makeup, dress clothes, the flowers! Its all looking it’s best! Believe us when we say that after being out on a hot summer day we are all worse for wear, especially the florals.

Soothe Pre-Ceremony Nerves: Let’s face it, wedding day jitters are real. Do a first look can help calm your nerves and reassure you that you’re in this together. I totally get the tradition of waiting until you see each other at the ceremony…but if you’re prone to stress or anxiety especially, the First Look can be a calming and tone-setting alternative.

Maximize Your Time: Doing a first look can help streamline your wedding day timeline, allowing you to take some of your couple portraits before the ceremony and freeing up more time to spend with your guests during the reception.

BONUS: You can also choose to do wedding party photos and/or family group photos before the ceremony too if you like!

Wedding day first look
first look couple
Couple on wedding day

Create Lasting Memories: Ultimately, the first look is about creating a meaningful moment that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. It’s a chance to pause and celebrate your love for each other before saying “I do.”

Unique Moment: Ultimately, your first look and walking down the aisle and seeing each other at your ceremony are two completely different moments. One is very public in front of all your loved ones and the other should you choose to do it, is pretty private. We have even photographed this from far away with telephoto lenses and didn’t even know what what said.

One will not make the other less important or less meaningful.

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