5 tips to elope in Paradise Valley MT

Some top tips for your Paradise Valley Elopement

Do you have your heart set on a destination elopement in Paradise Valley? We outline 5 tips to elope in Paradise Valley, Montana to get you started.

Tip 1: Vacation rental

My top tip is consider where you will stay for your trip! You need a place to stay anyway, am I right? There are some awesome vacation rentals/ airbnb / local lodge+hotels / guest ranches that can host your elopement. Many have gorgeous views and can serve as your home base and elopement location! Imagine having a sweet place to stay, a real Montana experience, a place to get ready and even a back up in case of poor weather. 

Some venues offer elopements and planning like the gorgeous Sage Lodge and Mountain Sky Ranch.

If you are thinking about a vacation rental / airbnb just communicate with the owner about your plans. If it is just the 2 of you or only other house guests at your elopement they usually are fine with allowing an elopement just be clear that it is only house guests who will be present and not additional guests. There are even some that are flexible with 10 or more guests if you ask!



Tip 2: Figure out your season

Which season appeals to you most? We have all four seasons here in Montana!

What activities and sights do you hope to check out on your trip? If Yellowstone Park is a must consider the warmer months as only part of the park is open during the winter. If you are dreaming of hiking, fishing and river rafting again those are mostly warm month options – think April-Oct. If you are coming to shred our awesome ski options in Bozeman + Big Sky then you already know when you are coming : ) Winter elopements are fun and cozy!

The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are often cheaper prices for accommodations as it is not peak season! 

Tip 3: Hire your local elopement team

Once you have figured out your season and hopefully hired a pro to help you plan all the details (hint: it’s me, I help all my couples plan their elopements) next comes the rest of the team. You will most likely need an officiant unless a guest would like to marry you, that is totally allowed in the state of Montana by the way! A photographer and maybe a videographer and hair and makeup if you like. There are hair and makeup artists who will come your location in Paradise Valley or a few options in Livingston or Bozeman salons for you to travel to. Our couples all receive a customized vendor recommendation list!


tips to elope in Paradise Valley Montana with bride and groom

Tip 4: Pack for the weather

Depending on the season you select plan to bring some layers and proper footwear for some adventure! A light jacket and some jeans goes a lot way for any season here. For your spring, fall or winter elopement plan to have a stylish or dressy jacket just in case. We can always take it off for a few but having it can make all the difference in feeling comfortable and looking great. 

Winter elopements – plan a stylish and warm coat! We want to do some of your photos outside for sure and you will want a coat. There are really dressy options, fur or faux, Pendleton has some amaze options for a Montana Elopement!

Boots – western style or any style boots here are popular for sure! This can help you walk around for all of our adventures together. Hiking / good walking shoes are absolutely recommended if we are planning a short hike/ walk for your elopement or have other plans while here in Montana. 

Hats – yeah, we love a good hat. Boho, western, you name it we love hats!

western wedding in Montana top tips to elope in Paradise Valley MT

Tip 5: Make some fun plans

Have you ever scene a River Runs Through It? Your know, the one with Robert Redford a young Brad Pitt! Most of this gorgeous movie was filmed in this area, Livingston and on the Yellowstone. This is place is famous for fly fishing, white water rafting and drift boats. Thermal activity from being right next to Yellowstone park means we have a couple awesome hot springs in the area: Chico Hot Springs + Yellowstone Hot Springs

Did we mention being located at the north entrance to Yellowstone Park yet? Yeah, there are some rad things to do no matter what time of year you travel here. So make you list or enlist our help as I am your local guide to fun!

Featured: Real Paradise Valley Elopement

This featured elopement was with a couple of wonderful locals and came together in just a matter of days! I was able to assist the couple with a location, officiant and flowers in something like 48 hours? The bride already. had help from Plume Bridal here in Bozeman and the rest of the awesome team just came together. A major benefit of working with a local expert is I know the area + the vendors.  I was able to text these amazing vendors and have it come together in no time when it might have taken them weeks to respond to the couple! It was simply awesome to work with this couple and the team to create a day that our couple truly loved!

Congrats Andrea + Brandon!

Accommodations Copper Rose Ranch

Gown Plume Bridal

Floral Rowan + Larch Bridal

Officiant: Big Sky Country Minister

Rings: Alara Jewelry


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Hope you enjoyed our top tips for eloping in Paradise Valley, Montana!

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