Big Sky Proposal Photographer

Proposals + puppies!

This was such a fun project helping Nick plan his surprise proposal in Big Sky, Montana. Before you ask, the puppy Benny wasn’t a gift or part of the surprise really. He had already come along a few weeks before. Which changed our plans a little bit. Nick had booked me for a portrait session after the proposal so we knew we would need a puppy wrangler to help keep track of Benny. Thankfully my friend Meghan lives in Big Sky and was excited to come on this very important mission!

Our puppy wrangler Meghan kept Benny busy when he wasn’t in our photos and tried to stop him from eating everything on the trail. No stick, leaves, or dirt were safe from our puppy. He was still learning to walk on the leash so it was a busy little hike as we did photos on our hike back out. Benny is a Bergamesco, a dog known for their dreadlocks! I had never met a Bergamesco but he sure was adorable and going to big a dog. As just a puppy he was easily as big as our dog Max (Schnauzer, poodle, scotty mix) and cute as can be.

By the end of our hike Benny was so tuckered out and was ready for a nap! Thank you to Nick and Carly for the amazing time, congrats you two!

Big Sky Proposal Photographer

Besides photographing your awesome moment I am here to help with location ideas and planning your proposal too. I have helped plan surprise proposals in Paradise Valley, Sage Lodge, on the top of a mountain in Big Sky, Ennis and Bozeman Montana. We call southwest Montana home and I know it very well and have a lot of ideas for locations.

Things to consider for your surprise proposal:

  1. Cover story – why you are in the pretty place at a certain time, what your plan is. I help with advice to them in the right place without spoiling the surprise.
  2. A pretty location isn’t the only thing – the moment and your reaction are the most important! We can always get you in a better position for portraits after your proposal.
  3. Go with the moment – happy tears, surprise and huge hugs! I document it all, including the  moment they realize I am there photographing the whole thing.

Need help planning your proposal in Montana? Please reach out to tell me all about your plans!

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