LOVE + WEDDINGS in the time of pandemic

What can I say? 2020 has thrown us all for a loop. Trying to withhold some expletives about how absolute shit it has been for my couples planning weddings and elopements. If you are feeling anything like I am right now, your emotions wane between happily doing yard work and mastering baking to crying and watching Netflix. And it has been an absolute cluster for the wedding and events industry. We, just like our clients have had to sit and (worry) wait to see what will happen. When will restrictions be lifted? How many guests will be allowed to attend? What will events even be like in the midst of all this? Will there be cake?! (the answer to this is yes.)

I also learned something profound during this; I have some of the greatest couples in the world.

They have been so supportive and understanding of what small businesses are also going through. I work in an industry where it is “all about the bride” we mean the couple but really, but so much centers on our brides. We are used to bending over backward for our couples, especially on their wedding day. From digging out our emergency sewing kit, to trimming some crazy ass boutonnieres (yes, we actually hacked at them with scissors, crazy story and yes, the bride asked us to try and “fix” them) to staying a couple hours extra because the ceremony was super late due to weather. We are happy to do it, we are your team, seriously.


But what I never would have expected was the kind outpouring I heard back from my couples when I reached out to them about the situation!


In the midst of their plans crumbling, they were genuinely concerned for their local vendors too. I will never forget some of the super compassionate responses I received. THE THING IS, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. I am 100% on my couples’ team and have been working diligently to find solutions for those that need rescheduling. Not everyone one is rescheduling in fact, a majority of my couples are still hopeful for their scheduled as planned events. We are keeping in touch often about new developments and planning accordingly.

Weddings and Covid-19

So what is happening with our events? Some events have been rescheduled to later in the summer/fall and some have moved to 2021. Many from mid June on are still planning to move forward. Several couples have told me they will limit the guest list if needed or plan a very intimate event if that is best. We are working to help in any way can by trying to be flexible and advising on what to do for more intimate weddings. I personally love intimate weddings and totally dig elopements (which are usually under 15)! Another option we are working with is an elopement or small wedding and splitting their coverage for another date in the future to have a big party with friends and family.

For couples looking to reschedule to 2021 we are offering the following advice:

  1. Consider a weekday wedding (Monday-Thursday)  This is the best way to ensure you can keep all your amazing vendors you have already booked! Some of us book more that a year out and hoping we all can accommodate a new Saturday can be really difficult.
  2. Consider a smaller, perhaps shorter wedding on your scheduled date for 2020 and plan a kick ass party when you can I am working with couples who choose this option to photograph both even if the party is the following year.
  3. Consider the off season Yes, there is a slower season for weddings. It depends on the area but for Montana we are slower October-May each year. That includes the beautiful winter weddings I shoot each year! If you love winter or skiing we are the place.

Whatever you decide for your wedding I hope you don’t choose to cancel but find a way to reschedule. After all, love is not cancelled and we are all going to be more excited than ever to celebrate and see our besties. We all want you to have the wedding of your dreams even if that means changing plans a little bit. Your vendor team cares about your event and wants to deliver.


Here are some behind the scene photos of us doing what we love to do. Enjoy!

bozeman wedding photographer

Savannah Gayle and I working when it was 102 degrees, that is hot for some Montana gals!