Engagement Photography Advice

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Engagement photography advice

We can go to a wide range of locations and I have many locations up my sleeve. But I always ask couples to think about locations they love or friends and family who might have a great property with a killer view. Having permission to go somewhere different is awesome, so just something to think about.

Please be on time. I love working with natural light and often plan the session around sunset. If you show up late, we will have less time to visit awesome locations.

Your pets are totally welcome! Since they won’t be part of the entire shoot we can plan to leave them in the car for part of it or arrange for a friend to pick them up. Dogs, horses, alpacas…yes please!

You are welcome to bring several outfit changes and/or jackets, different shoes etc. to change things up as we go. You can change in the car or a nearby cafe etc. if possible. Avoid clothing with large brand names. Think about mixing up textures and layers. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves! Bring that hat you wear on the river, or the sneakers you love. Those things all make the photos more fun!




Think coordinating, not matching. Make sure you are comfortable, proper fitting clothes.
Bring some layers, a light jacket, scarf or anything can be fun for switching it up during the shoot. It is ok to mix solids and simple patterns. I think that SIMPLE patterns add interest and texture to a picture.

WINTER – think bright colors! Everything is white, or dull colored. Color can really pop, think bright colored mittens and hats. Be sure to bring snow boots, we will definately be out in the elements. If you plan to wear something really dressy we can fit that in but don’t plan to be in a dress or something you will be cold in the whole session.

It’s always fun to bring along props. I want every engagement shoot to be about YOU, so feel free to bring things along that really reflect your fantastic personalities. Suggestions: bikes, a Polaroid camera, your pet, anything. Don’t hesitate to bring anything that truly reflects you individually or as a couple.

Think about your hands + nails, I am not saying you have to go out get your nails done (why not treat yourself to a spa day?!) but plan for clean trimmed nails for both of you.

Some choose to have hair and/or makeup done for their engagement shoot. This may help you feel a little more done-up for the shoot and boost your confidence. I’m not saying you should do this at all, however in my experience shooting engagement sessions is that you want to feel pretty and confident…and

Sometimes spending a little extra time getting ready achieves just that. If you’d like recommendations, I’d be happy to pass a few a long who’ll take amazing care of you!

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