Shakey Graves play The Sweet Pea Festival

Sweet Pea Festival 2015 Bozeman, Montana

So, I am pretty much still kind of shocked that some band I wanted to see came to Bozeman. We get a lot of country…which is fine, well not really. Summer, 2015: I fall in love with this song I heard online.

I look into Shakey Graves, who is Alejandro Rose-Garcia and I make a mental note to see this guy perform some day. Not a week later I hear he is playing Bozeman’s little 3 day art festival thingy. Whoa.
The show did not disappoint. This guy and his fellow musicians are pretty damn awesome. Love his style and his lyrics. I may have a slight crush on him…
Sometimes I do projects just for me. This is one of them. Taking photos for me : ) Enjoy.

Shakey GravesMerissaLambert002Shakey GravesMerissaLambert004Shakey GravesMerissaLambert008MerissaLambert007MerissaLambert009