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Montana wedding photographer

Tina and I met during “fresh meat” with the Gallatin Valley Roller Girlz. Fresh meat is the first 8 weeks of trying out for the team. Learning to fall- properly, and skate faster with a killer group of fun girls. We both passed that phase and ultimately made the team. While neither of us play anymore- a mix of avoiding further injuries and running our businesses, we remain friends. When Christina + Chad asked me to photograph their wedding I was stoked. She may work construction during the day with the boys but she sure cleans up well! I also had no idea that she has 2 sisters, 3 gorgeous blond daughters bet her father never slept a night when they were teenagers.

They chose to do a first look before the ceremony and I totally recommend this for most couples. Unless you really do not want to see each other before this is so much fun. And private. Well, sort of in this case there were some friends and family watching but the look on their faces was just awesome. These are moments that words are hard for me to explain and really the photos show something perhaps I can’t tell you about really.

One of my favorite officiants; Beth Resnick married them. I have known Beth for several years and I always recommend her and here is why; she is joyful. She cares and enjoys the moment whether hilarity ensues or a couple tears she knows the right thing to say and do. And as a big bonus, she always steps aside during the kiss. Might not seem like a big deal until you have an expressionless officiant in the background ruining the moment. (It happens!)

I love Tina’s style from her elegant dress choice and birdcage veil to her Harley Davidson boots. Your wedding day should be about your personalities and tastes. Congrats you two!


Officiant – Beth of Big Sky Wedding Ceremonies
Dress – Belle en Blanc
Venue, design, flowers, catering – Rocking TJ Ranch

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