Bozeman Senior Portraits

Erika // 2018

I have known Erika’s family for maybe 15 years? I remember doing family portraits of them when I was still in college studying photography. Erika and her brother Blake have always been fun to photograph, coming up with ideas of what to do, which is pretty awesome. It has been really great watching them grow up. Ok, I won’t get all cheesy about her growing into a woman and all that but still…she is getting so grown up! Erika has interests in photography but her heart is leading her towards medicine. I can’t wait to see what this young lady accomplishes.

Bozeman Senior Portraits

We did a summer and a fall portrait session for her senior portraits. For our very smokey summer portraits we went to the Gallatin River and finished up downtown. (it was a bad fire season this year) For fall we went to Axtell Bridge and some farm land with a barn. Just like when she was little, Erika had a lot of great ideas. I was super stoked when she agreed to wade in the chilly river! When people trust me to crazy stuff I get so inspired! I love it when people go for it. Congrats Erika!

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