Bozeman Montana Engagement

Shannon and Tyler have a love for animals and for each other. They were referred to me by several friends which is awesome. Thanks guys! And we had a so much fun for their engagement session. There were horses, doggies, cows, rain and lightning. In Montana a few of these things are just par for the course but this was awesome. Shannon has always loved horses and other critters. My first adventure to their place involved snuggling chickens, meeting the horses and cold drink. Came as a acquaintance and left as a friend.

Bozeman Montana engagement photography-

The weather for their shoot in July was hit and miss, as usual. I think they totally game for playing in the rain but it rained at the beginning of our shoot – always better at the end. Especially when you had hair and makeup done by the wonderful- Keri Lou of Blonde Owl Salon. But the fearless and feisty Shannon was not deterred. These guys just rolled with it and we were rewarded with some killer sunsets and dramatic storm clouds. Sometimes two people are so meant for each other and it’s pretty awesome to see.

Thanks to our friend Nick for coming to help with the horses and rattle bags to get their attention. You are the best bag rattler ever.

I can’t wait for their wedding next summer. It’s gonna be so rad. Cheers!

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